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    Samuel – titelsong roman Bezorgde burgers

    Samuel – titelsong roman Bezorgde burgers

    The Modestly Priced Receptacles, een band die culturele verwarring uitdrukt in desoriënterende liedjes, las de roman Bezorgde burgers (Lebowski, 2017) en dook de studio (lees: een blokhut) in voor het nummer Samuel, vernoemd naar de hoofdpersoon. Luister, huiver en deel!

    Monday morning, eight fifty five AM
    In the elevator, a colleague asks how was your weekend?
    Try to keep it cool
    Try not to be a fool


    His heart is beating like a bongo drum and he feels shivers down his spine
    Cos’ every time somebody talks to him there’s voice sounding in his mind:


    What if shared what I thought, what if I showed who I am, what if I yelled what I felt?
    I’m gonna tell them the truth, I’m gonna set my rage loose, I’m gonna… fuck it all up!


    Monday evening, eight fifty five PM
    In the solitary, the doctor says: you’ll stay the weekend
    Try to be okay
    Try to hide away


    He doesn’t know if it’s the anger or the fear that caused his fall
    His mind is free but now his body is confined to these four walls


    What if I yelled what I felt…


    Muziek en tekst: The Modestly Priced Receptacles
    Over de band: “Inspired by things and people, The Modestly Priced Receptacles (TMPR) express cultural confusion in disorienting songs with comforting harmonies and folk guitars. TMPR celebrate the discrepancy between the music in their heads and their technical ability to perform and record them. Once a year The Receptacles convene in a wood cabin in the New England countryside, where they write and record songs, have lunch, take a nap, and write some more songs.”

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    Lees hier een voorpublicatie van de roman Bezorgde burgers (Lebowski, 2017). Bestel bij je lokale boekhandel of via deze link.


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